Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Sun is shining

(Strawberry plant)

(Lady Natalie)




At our two main sites we planted giant 12 foot sunflowers, lettuce, mesclun lettuce, snap peas, snapdragons, yellow tomato, cucumber, broccoli, eggplant, radishes, 2 concord grape vines, a peach tree, watermelon, calendula, Italian parsley, bell pepper, cherry tomato, Early girl tomato, Red Chadwick cherry tomato, Jet star tomato, basil, kale, carrots, beets ,mustard greens, tatsoi, rhubarb chard, chamomile, alyssum & daisies. We continue to seed start indoors and await the delivery of 20 flats of seedlings(800 plants). We began work on the mural for E. 6th St. by first applying primer to the cinder block wall and drawing the outline for 4 of the 6 panels. On Monday we will buy the paint and will finish drawing and painting in 1 or 2 weeks. Cynthia, Tara and Stacey worked on the mural project. It looks nice so far and will look even better when painted. We planted tulip narcissus bulbs at Iyana House so hopefully their back yard will look nicer in the future as these are perennials. We also harvested the work wormbin for the 5th time and I harvested my home wormbin for he 4th time and have added the worm compost to the soil around the blooming plants. With the shining power of the sun increasing day by day we water both on work days and various members of our team come on our off days to both sites to water to make sure the plants receive sufficient water. Goodbye.

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