Friday, August 29, 2008

hot sauce

today we made a hot sauce to keep the squirrels and birds from eating the sunflowers , we also planted lettue .Hopefully we can make a nice salad for Erroll and every body at Sheridan .Im enjoying working in the garden more and more . I look foward to doing this kind of work throughout my life.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

today 8/27/08

We ate a watermelon today ,it was sweet, I think they should take some time to ripen though. Im waiting for the sweet poetatoes, I wonder how many well get? We started with two I wonder how hearty they are? We also planted a little spinach today and Stacey worked hard on the compost which will be ready for next year . I read that you can lay it down when its half done ,in the fall, and by the time spring comes around its ready. I collected watermelon seeds today, and callindulla seeds too


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now a crazy poem from Stace

There isn't that much work now as the season nears an end. We recently planted parsley, lettuce, spinach and today radishes in areas where crops bolted or became unproductive and had to be removed. Today we harvested scallions, tomatoes, collard greens, kale, swiss chard and turnip greens. The wormbim is in its second time producing compost and the two outdoor bins are slowly but surely becoming compost. The End.

another crazy poem from tara

We cracked open a watermellie today, they were sweet I must say ,I wonder when we can break open the rest, that would be the bizzest.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Even more pictures of our workers

(Natalie & Liza hard at work)

(Roberto, Tara & Natalie in the kitchen preparing food for the barbeque)

(Stace, Caroline, Natalie, Tara & Roberto after the barbeque)

More pictures of our hard workers

(Tara, Roberto & Natalie in our uniforms)

(Roberto, Tara & Stace in the front yard)

(James T. in the Front Yard)

(Stace and James J. eating snap peas)

(Stace harvesting)

Finally, Pictures of our Workers

(Natalie,Tara,Roberto & Stace working the 3 bare beds and making the trellis)
(Stace, Tara & Roberto making the trellis)

(Roberto, Tara & Stace adding compost to bed # 3)
(1 worm from wormbin in Stace's gloved hand)

(Roberto, Tara, Natalie, James & Stace in our uniforms)