Friday, September 19, 2008

A Visit to a Museum and an Urban Farm

For our past two workdays we went to a Museum in Queens, New York and to an Urban Farm in Queens, New York. To me the Urban Farm was more enjoyable than the Museum. We saw a lot of produce at the Urban Farm. What I enjoyed the most was seeing the animals at the Urban Farm. We saw roosters, hens, a cow, goats, sheep, ducks and turkeys. The roosters were walking freely around the farm. I took a lot of pictures of both us and also the animals. They were preparing for a state fair on the day that we visited so there was a lot of work going on that day. It was a good break from the work that we do at our Urban Farm.

- Stacey Van Rossum

our trips

We went to an urban farm museum ,with alot of far out films ,the idea of planting in cardboard barrels is a good one espcially in the city,Its only for the tomatoe -lovin city folk We also went on another trip on wednesday out in Queens .The Queens Farm Museum. We saw a huge cornfeild and vineyards,for which their going to make wine. We saw animals and roosters and went on a hayride .It was a pleasure to see a real working farm.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Season is Nearly Over

As Summer ends and Fall begins we are preparing for the off-season. Until recently, I did not realize that horticulture is seasonal work in the Northeast so I am beginning to look at other options once the weather becomes colder. Overall, I learned much this season and enjoyed my experience on Our Urban Farm. Places like the New York Botanical Garden, where I took the Master Composter class, have work that is full-time all year, regardless of the season, so I am trying to increase my knowledge at places like this. Perhaps I will do horticulture work in the future or maybe not. It really is hard work that requires patience. One thing I do know is that I will keep my house plants and get more in the future.

Stace Van Rossum

watermelon sunday

I picked a watermelon today it was big ,but it wasnt ripe .Thats alright dont get uptight
I found some beans which was really keen I can really dig this old farming scene.
I found lots of tomatoes still hoping on the sweet potatoes,and life in general ,lets see what the r
rain brings in.

We found some aphids on the collard greens ,we squished and sprayed till they were no more.Now were haunted by the ghost of aphids past. I wonder how long this curse will last.

Stacey did his thing with the worms and the compost bin,Joce harvested swiss chard and collard greens, James kept the front looking good . All is cool on the northeastcoast of the western world.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lotion Potion

Today we discovered aphids on the collard greens and kale. We cut the infested part away and sprayed Neem on the remainder of the crop. Natalie says were going to take a trip to the Queens farm museum ,that should be interesting. We are going to make lotion out of the lavender and callindula flowers ,for the rest of the afternoon.