Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final Photos of E. 111 St. & Morris Ave.

(Newly constructed tiers that are planted with 3 varieties of lettuce)

(Growing Bed #1)

(Bed # 2 & Bed # 3)

(Growing marigold/calendula)

(The view of the 3 upper tiers from The Pit)

Final Photos of E. 111 St. & Morris Ave.

(Growing tomatoes and broccoli)

(Tara hard at work)

(The Garden at E. 111 St.)

(The Garden at E. 111 St.)

(The Garden at E. 111 St.)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Summer departs and Fall arrives

(A woodpecker in the tree)

(Growing kale)

(Stacey with some wild sunflowers)

(A wild rose)

(Two growing baby watermelons)

The season is coming to an end. Many plants are still in the ground at our two main sites at Morris Ave. and E. 111 St. Over the past month we have continued to harvest and also sow some late season seeds. This year we had the same success with our leafy greens like collard greens and swiss chard. Tomatoes were also successful as was the Chinese cabbage (bok choy). The pictures that are posted show the variety of plants that we were able to grow and I will post one final photo of both sites to show how once again our garden went from plain soil, to which we added compost, seeds and hard work, to a lush and fruitful garden. We also harvested the wormbin for the 4th time and added the worm compost to areas where we recently planted new plants.
-StaceyCarrie Van Rossum