Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The month of June

The gardens are growing well. We harvested our entire arugula crop and pulled up all the garlic that we planted last fall. It amazes me that one clove of garlic becomes an entire head of garlic. We have begun harvesting other plants. So far we have harvested radishes, kale, collards, basil, mint, lettuce, mustard greens, radishes and oregano. We also continue to plant seeds and seedlings. We planted sugar snap peas, muskmelon, bachelor buttons, wildflower, calendula, marigold, cucumber seedlings, tomato seedlings, spicy green mustard, cantaloupe, corn, watermelon, peanuts and basil. We cut back the shrubs and trees in the front yard and back yard at both locations. We harvested the work worm bin for the 7th time and added the worm compost to the bed that we planted the spicy green mustard in. Our marigolds at E. 111 St. were growing well so we transplanted some of them to the front yard area. We visited the roof deck at W. 108 St. for the first time this year and we weeded the planter boxes and watered the plants using water from the rain water harvesting system that John C. helped us to build last year. We harvested mint and chamomile and made a tea which we drank at lunch. Finally, on a rainy day Jan brought in bagels, cream cheese, chives, thyme, cilantro and coffee. We ate this with sliced radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes. We are growing each of these vegetables and herbs at both sites so we wanted to sample what they each taste like. Season 2012 is going well.

                                         (Johnny watering)
                                         (Tara and Jan)
                                         (Butterfly on a sunflower leaf)
                                         (E. 111 St. garden from far away)
                                         (Rabbi Stacey cutting up branches)
                                         (A days harvest of garlic, radishes and oregano)
                                        (A days harvest of collards, kale and mustard greens)
                                         (2 planter boxes of mint and shiso)
                                         (2 hostas and a shrub)
                                         (A shot of the roof deck)
                                         (Rain water harvesting system)                                         

                                                    - Rabbi Stacey