Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More July pictures

                                         (Growing eggplant)
                                         (The 4 tiers from the top looking down)
                                         (The 2nd tier)
                                         (The bottom tier mostly of squash)
                                         (Another angle of the tiers from the top looking down)
                                         (A days harvest)
                                         (Fig tree)
                                         (Mostly tomatoes)

Gardening in the Summer

The temperatures are now consistently in the 80-90+ degree range now, so the gardens are growing well. This season we are watering the garden with activated E.M. Activated E.M. means that regular E.M. has been mixed with water and molasses. We have been watering W.108 St., E. 111 St. and Morris Ave. from a watering can using 20 parts rain water and 1 part activated E.M. The gardens look good after using this. We continue to harvest and sow seeds. We have harvested sugar snap peas, arugula, collards, mint, chamomile, purple snap bush beans, kale, basil, mustard greens, turnips, kohlrabi, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. We planted some myrtle in the tree pit outside of W. 108 St. We restaked tomatoes and cucumbers to support the weight of the vine and fruit as the plants grow. Finally, a cat had 5 kittens in our tool shed at E. 111 St. We took some pictures.

                                         (Garlic planted last fall)
                                         (Cat and 5 kittens at the E. 111 St. site)
                                         (5 kittens)
                                         (Planter box on the roof deck at W. 108 St.)
                                         (Flower on the roof deck)
                                         (E. 111 St. garden)
                                         (A bed of marigolds)
                                         (A bed of collards)
                                         (Mostly tomatoes at the side of the building)
                                         (Purple snap bush beans)
                                         (Morris Ave.)
                                         (Cherry tomatoes)                                                   


                                                              - Rabbi Stacey Van Rossum