Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Beginning of Season-2011

Work has begun. Stacey, Natalie, Roberto, Tara, Caroline, Joyce and Betty have met at both locations to discuss our plans for this season. We talked about which plants to plant again, (tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, swiss chard, collard greens, kale, etc.). Plants that have done well all 3 or 4 seasons that we have been gardening. We talked about which new plants to plant, (spinach, plum tomatoes and multiple varieties of both old and new plants). We talked about which herbs to plant, (basil, arugula, cilantro, rosemary, shiso, oregano, sage, etc.). We talked about what labor needed to be done at both sites. We discussed planting bulbs again. Last year we planted tulip narcissus bulbs(perennials) and they are regrowing now. We discussed planting lavender and a rose bush at Iyana House to fulfill the request of a staff member who asked for greenery in the back yard. I planted tulips there last year but I dont know if they are blooming now because of the cats at Iyana House and the poor soil in their back yard. Natalie informed us that one day this spring Goldman Sachs employees will plant some of our seedling with us. We discussed either purchasing a greenhouse or finding an available one in the Bronx or Manhattan that we can use. We harvested the garlic/scallions that we planted last season. We organized the closets and cabinets at Morris Ave. We moved our tools from the closet into our new toolshed at E. 111 St. Finally, we turned over the soil once at both sites as we await a delivery of fresh topsoil to the Morris Ave. site.