Friday, October 31, 2008

preparing the garden for winter

Today we harvested everything, the tomatoes ,the swiss chard ,collard greens ,also what was leftover, from the root ,we chopped it up and turned it back into the soil, we also put Staceys magic compost in the soil too.

Our Harvest Festival

We had a harvest festival on Tuesday October 28 2008 to celebrate the urban farm experience and to prepare to put the farm to sleep for the season. The food was very good as were the desserts which were mostly pumpkin based and delicious. We had corn on the cob, sweet potato soup with chicken and spinach and cheese quiches and they were also delicious. Residents from Morris Ave. and Sheridan Ave. and Bridge administration came and they seemed to enjoy the experience. All in all it was a good way to end the season. See you next year.

-Stace Van Rossum

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our attempt to make lotion

In our most recent workshop we attempted to make lotion. We used ingredients like lanolin, beeswax, a calendula oil infusion, sweet orange oil, and peppermint oil. Unlike last season's attempt to make crab-apple jelly this one was a success. Even though I know the other ingredients are in there, I can mainly smell the beeswax. I used beeswax a long time ago when I first started on my dreadlocks. Both smell similar but the beeswax is lighter in color than our lotion. So far I have used the lotion on my hands, feet and face. I feel it will do good for my body.

Stace Van Rossum

whats up lately

Weve been steadily harvesting every week,lateley weve been preparing the beds for next year,by chopping up the remains of the crop that was there and adding some of Staceys magic compost .We also made some lotion for our hands and faces ,out of beeswax ,shea butter, vitamin E and lanolin.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Off Season Begins

We have been doing more workshops and activities indoors now that the season is ending and the weather is getting cooler. We have attempted to make infusions using lavender and calendula by soaking them in olive oil, almond oil and sunflower oil. So far they smell really good. We also have started drying basil, rosemary, mint, calendula and oregano. We probably will do more interesting workshops until the official end of the season. So far I have learned much outdoors and now I am learning much indoors. We have accomplished much as a team. I have taught my co-workers much and I have learned much from my co-workers and with my co-workers.

- Stacey Van Rossum