Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday at E. 111 St.

(Joyce hard at work)
(A rose bud trying to bloom)

(A grape vine)

(A peach tree)

(Tara watering)

Today Pat Callahan came to see the progress made at E. 111 St. We watered there and planted the 3 sisters(Corn, Squash and Beans) in adjacent beds. We also planted basil, thyme, pumpkin, swiss chard, snap peas and scallions as direct seed. We planted muskmelon, pumpkin on a stick, cucumber, sweet pepper, cherry tomato, tomatillo, chile, eggplant and leek seeds in pots and planter boxes. Finally, we thinned out plants that were growing too near each other and transplanted them to other areas of the garden. So far everything that we have either direct seeded or started as seedlings has shown life and grown so it looks like another productive season in the garden. MAN lives, beast lives and the plant lives. Pat C. also gave me the funds to purchase the paint to paint the 6th St. mural so in a week or 2 the mural will be completed.

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