Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Horticulture Experience

I've been working in Horticulture for 1 year, and I find it to be a calming and rewarding experience. One of the best things in Horticulture is the fact that what we're growing don't talk back like my experience in Retail. I learned not to knock things if you don't try it. I learned to eat healthier, and appreciate nature. On my first day there was a discussion about manuer, and I said to myself that saying this is a more sophisticated way of saying what it really is SHIT. I learned the worms are good for the soil and also about compost. I am more open minded and very good at what I do. Horticulture has it's rewards both physically and mentally. A real farmer keeps track of the weather. I enjoy being in this field of work. Carolyn Reeves

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