Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our work for today

For the past few weeks we have been harvesting some of the plants that we have planted. So far we have harvested arugula, swiss chard, spinach, romaine lettuce, cilantro, snap peas, kale and collard greens. Even with as much as we have taken out of the ground, it is obvious by looking at what remains in the ground that we will be harvesting a lot for the entire season.

- Stace Van Rossum

I get a good feeling whan I work in the garden ,I can relax and get my head together.Im pleased with all the crops ,I am also learning alot ,which is what I wanted.
Tara McDonald

For the two days I were working around outside the garder I learned how to water the plants learn what the compose mean see how the the veagables are growing so fast Its something new for me because I never work around Plants I ejoyed It very much.

Joyce Anderson

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