Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my worm my foe

today ,june 25 2008, we discovered cabbage worms which were eating the collard greens , kale and swiss chard. We tried to pick them off by hand, we are still trying now as I write this. Ithink if the problem continues we will use a pesticide which is called BT Wealso looked up another organic pesticide I think is good for cabbage worms , it is called Ryania. We also discovered leafhoppers on the cilantro, which sucks the juice right out of the leaf ,and leaves a dry spot on the leaf, so Caroline cut the cilantro back quite a bit. We harvested Swiss chard, colard greens,and the rest of the romaine lettuce we pulled up from the root and harvested.We also staked the tomatoes Italian style ( with rope and stakes).


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