Wednesday, August 6, 2014


We continue to work at both gardens. We are weeding and watering daily to keep the gardens productive. We cleaned out the greenhouse and sprayed a fish and kelp fertilizer on the base and root of all the plants in the garden. We continue to harvest and anticipate a visit from Sydell and the kitchen workers next week at one of the garden sites. Both gardens are growing nicely and our famous tomatoes should be ready to begin harvesting later this month and definitely next month. This week we harvested:

Morris Ave. 7/30/14

Pumpkin-14 lbs.
Red Russian kale- 1/2 lb.
Baby collards- 1/2 lb.
Shiso- 1/2 lb.
Red Malabar Spinach- 1 lb.
Cucumber- 3 lbs.
Basil- 1/2 lb.
Epazote- 1 bunch
Papalo- 1 bunch
Borage- 1 bunch
Sorrel- 1 bunch

Morris Ave. 8/6/14

Borage-1 bunch
Cucumbers- 7 1/4 lbs.
Red Russian Kale- 1/2 lb.
Sage- 1 bunch
Shiso- 1/4 lb.
Basil- 1/2 lb.
Papalo- 1 bunch
Pepper- 1 small bell pepper
Oregano- 1 bunch
Thyme- 1 bunch
Red Malabar Spinach- 1 3/4 lbs.
Baby Collard Greens- 1 3/4 lbs.
4 okra

So, as you can see the gardens are producing vegetables. See you next week.

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