Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 Pictures

We continue to work at both locations and are beginning to upload pictures from early in the season with some recent pictures.
On 7/21 at  E. 111 St. we harvested:
Dinosaur Kale- 1 1/2 lbs
Red Russian Kale- 5 lbs.
Curly Kale 4 oz.
Collards- 4 lbs.
1 small eggplant
6 purple potatoes
a handful of sorrel

On 7/23 at Morris Ave we harvested:
Cucumbers-2 lbs.
Basil- 3/4 lb.
Shiso- 3/4 lb.
Red Malabar spinach- 1 lb.
Collards- 1/2 lb
Red Russian Kale- 1 lb
Sage- 1 bunch
Papalo- 1 bunch
Epazote- 1 bunch
Thyme- 1 small bunch
Marjoram- 1 small bunch
Oregano- 1 small bunch

Pat Callahan visited us at Morris Ave. on Wednesday and took pictures. Finally, we cleaned out the greenhouse.

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