Monday, April 23, 2012

The sower sows seeds

                                          (Purple dove snap bush beans)
                                         (Rabbi Stacey in front of fig tree)
                                                   (Variegated dogwood)
                                         (Asparagus crowns)
                                         (Workers in the garden)
                                         (Collard seedlings)
                                         (Rosemary seedling)
                                         (Pepper seedlings)
As the temperature warms up we begin to direct sow seeds into the Earth. So far we have planted lettuce, carrots, beets, kale, collards, radishes, arugula, Swiss chard, purple dove snap bush beans, wheat, barley, amaranth, okra, marigold, sunflower, mixed sunflower, Mexican sunflower, parsley, stevia, English thyme, sage, squash, fennel, cilantro, chives, tarragon, eggplant, bunching onions, tomato, sorrel and cucumber directly into the soil. Some of these we have had success with in previous seasons and some are new plants that we have never tried before. We purchased and planted collards, pepper and rosemary seedlings. Some of the seeds that we started indoors in a seed starter kit grew and we planted the cantaloupe seedlings outdoors, a few have died but some have survived so far in the Earth. The delivery of soil came to Morris Ave. so we added a new layer of topsoil to the garden. We planted some flowers in the front yard at Morris Ave. We planted daisy, alyssum, forget-me-not, and bachelor buttons. With enough water, sunlight and plant maintenance like weeding we will have another successful year at My Urban Farm.

                                                                             -Rabbi Stacey Van Rossum

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