Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Season is over

The season is officially over. We had our last day of work last Monday. We were able to harvest greens like Swiss chard and kale and also kohlrabi until the very last day. I went to the Morris Ave. site today to feed the worms in the wormbin and when I looked outside in the garden there were still healthy chard and kale leaves. If they survive the winter and are still there in the Spring it would not be a surprise. In the past we have had kale that survived the snow of Winter and the rain of early Spring that was still edible when I picked them. This year we planted oat as a cover crop at Morris Ave. and I planted spelt in late November that should be ready in the Spring. The spelt was about 2-3 inches tall on our last work day. I have purchased barley and wheat seeds that I am going to plant in the Spring at Morris Ave. Much garlic has been planted at both sites and are growing. We took a trip to the Central Park Zoo and were able to see some animals there. There has been talk of building a greenhouse for use in the Spring. That would be both useful and convenient. The plan is to meet in late February to start making plans for Season 2012. I will continue to feed and maintain both the work wormbin and my home wormbin during the Winter. Once again it was another successful season of gardening and I look forward to Season 2012.

                                         - Rabbi Stacey

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