Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 2011

                                                  (Rabbi Stacey transplanting a hosta)
(John C. working on a lattice) 
                                          (Collards, kale & lettuce at E. 116)
                                          (View of the garden from far away)
(Row of plants)

This past month we have done a lot of work. We assembled a rainwater harvesting barrel system on the W. 108 St. roof deck. We planted ivy outside the 108 St. office in the tree pit. We have begun to cut up dead/dying sunflowers, tomatoes and other plants for compost. We did some work at the Lexington Ave. Armory removing shrubs and plants. We transported these to E. 116- E. 117 St. where they will be planted. We continue to harvest collards, chard, tomatoes, kohlrabi, oregano, rosemary, parsley, kale, eggplant, basil and even mini pumpkins. There is still so much left in the Earth that we will be harvesting probably until the frost date. Finally, as we have done in the previous seasons we have planted garlic to harvest in the Spring. Goodbye.

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