Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Farm Work

                                          (The days harvest)
                                          (A collard green leaf)
                                          (The day's harvest of cherry tomatoes)
                                          (The day's harvest of beets and Swiss chard)
                                          (Swiss chard leaves)
                                          (Some of the day's harvest)
                                          (3 headed mixed sunflower)

We continue to harvest the usual leafy greens, tomatoes and other plants we have had consistent success with the past few years. We planted ginger mint, lavender thyme and are looking for a place to plant an aloe vera plant that Natalie purchased from the Union Square Farmer's Market. Work also continues at the new site on E. 116 St. We have built and assembled most of the lattices and frames that will be affixed to the fence. In a tragedy, during the few days of 95+ degree weather the worms in Rabbi Stacey's wormbin melted and died. I had over 200 worms in there. So Rabbi Stacey has been taking worms from the work wormbin to repopulate his wormbin. Here are some pictures.

                                                   - Rabbi Stacey Van Rossum


chacabuco said...

Im working on a project documenting urban agriculture. Can I come to photograph your garden?


bumblebee said...

sure! you can send an email to natalie brickajlik, horticulture program coordinator.

chacabuco said...