Monday, April 4, 2011

Ist Seedlings and 1st sowing at E. 111 St.

(Expanded pellet after water has been added)
(Close-up of Spinach seed packet)
(3 Seed packets)
(Tara, Joyce and Natalie)
(72 pack seed starter kit before water is added)
We started Sugar Baby watermelons, Georgia southern collard greens, Vittoria eggplant, sweet pepper(green), Roma Italian tomato and Chadwick Cherry tomato as seedlings in a 72 pack seed starter kit. We started Genovese sweet basil, Sugar Baby watermelon and Georgia Southern collard greens in pots. We sowed Spinach(Lavewa), Arugula(Rocket Salad-Roquette), Lettuce(Mesclun Chef's Gourmet Spicy Mix) in the last bed near the fence in 9 rows of 3 each alternating {Spinach, Arugula, Lettuce}. We planted morning glory in a bucket near the fence with the hope that as it grows it will grow entangled in the fence. We made paths between the 6 raised beds.

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