Thursday, November 5, 2009

The End of the Season

(An Arrangement of Mums at the Bronx Botanical Garden)

(Flowers at the Bronx Botanical Garden)
(An Herb Garden at the Bronx Botanical Garden)


(Pat, Tara and Caroline)

In preparation for the end of the season we have been planting garlic as a cover crop at Morris Ave., E. 111 St. and W. 108 St. We also added more green at E. 6 St. by planting 4 more hostas and 1 hydrangea there. We are also beginning to save various seeds from plants that bolted and regular plants like sunflowers to reduce some of the cost for seed next year and also to learn about different seed-saving techniques. We visited the Bronx Botanical Garden, walked around the grounds, visited the gift shop and were able to view an exhibit of Japanese Chrysanthemums. Finally, we have come up with two possible sketches for a mural that we will be painting on a wall in the backyard at E. 6 St. It will be nature/horticulture related and will add to the beauty of the backyard.

-Stacey Van Rossum

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