Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Planting and First Pictures

(John C., Johnny & Annie making the cold frame)

(Growing garlic, planted last winter)

(3 parts peat moss or potting soil, 2 parts sand and 1 part compost/manure were used to make the soil for seed starting)

(John C. overseeing Natalie and Tara)

(Our seedlings)

I began to prepare to harvest the wormbin for the third time by not feeding the worms today. I will do this for another week and in two weeks will be able to harvest the vermicompost to add to the garden. John C. came again and assisted us with seed-starting. We planted lettuce and collard green seeds indoors. We added some manure/compost to bed number 1. We made a cold frame and planted two types of cabbage transplants outdoors underneath the cold frame in bed number 1. Finally, some of the seeds that we planted indoors last week are starting to sprout and grow.

-Stace Van Rossum

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