Friday, July 18, 2008

Changes at the Farm (Part 2)

We continue to harvest and continue to get positive feedback from those who have tasted the produce. Personally I have sampled some of the excess food and I enjoyed eating it also. I am sure my co-workers feel the same way. I have eaten most or all of the vegetables that we have planted but I never saw or knew the progression that they take from seed to plant. What fascinated me most is seeing that plants like cucumbers, beans and snap peas need a trellis to grow. I never even knew what a trellis was before this year. To see what a squash plant or zucchini or pumpkin becomes after its seed spends days within the soil is truly amazing to me. They each take up so much space. My co-workers told me this before hand but I didn't know what to expect. With hard work we have accomplished much.

-Stace Van Rossum

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